1. Gary has decided he needs to improve implementation in his small manufacturing business that sell

1. Gary has decided he needs to improve implementation in his small manufacturing business that sells sunglasses to retailers. He has taken the initiative and decided he will be personally and solely responsible for his company’s performance this month. He purchased new cell phones for each of his salespeople with a direct connect feature so that he is able to easily keep in contact with them. Gary implemented a sales contest, the grand prize being a week’s paid vacation, for the greatest increase in sales in the month of May. Gary also posted a bulletin board with each salesperson’s territories and even specified the dates they were supposed to make sales calls in each. Gary omitted which of the following tools to improve implementation in his business?Rewarding performanceSchedule TasksCommunicationLeadershipNone of the above2. In class, Dr. Lutz talked about a former student (Eric) who is a brand manager for Ocean Spray. Eric gave a presentation a few semesters ago about the responsibilities of his job. He emphasized that as he moved up through the organization, he found that more and more of his time was spent on a certain element in the implementation phase of the strategic marketing process. This element is:obtaining and allocating budgetsdeveloping critical path computationsexecuting the marketing programdeveloping timetableshuman resource deployment3. Tom is in charge of marketing for KC Toys. Tom hired an outside firm to perform a marketing audit, which reviews the marketing department’s efficiency and effectiveness. After receiving the audit Tom realized that KC needed to take corrective action and rethink their marketing plan. This is an example of which aspect of the strategic marketing process?AnalysisPlanningImplementationControlExecution

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