11) How might companies view Kaylin’s experience with social media? A) While Facebook is a good way.

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11) How might companies view
Kaylin’s experience with social media?
A) While Facebook is a good way
to keep in touch with family and friends, it does not have significance in the
B) Effective use of social media
like Twitter can build a company’s brand and extend its marketing reach.
C) Communication through social
media is an inappropriate way for companies to try to market themselves.
D) Effective communication
through a blog may build a company’s brand at the expense of its employees’
E) Such use of social media is
very difficult to duplicate and would not be likely to benefit the company that
Kaylin works for.

12) Good business communication
skills ________.
A) can have a positive impact on
your life outside of work
B) will help advance your career
but will hinder your personal relationships
C) are inapplicable to your
personal life
D) will improve personal
relationships, although they offer no financial benefits in your life outside
of work
E) are not worth the investment
of time and energy necessary to acquire them

13) Good business communication
skills can have a positive impact on your life outside of work through all of
the following applications EXCEPT
A) negotiating a better deal on a
B) convincing your landlord to
refund your security deposit
C) persuading a merchant to give
you a refund
D) calculating your monthly
E) writing an effective
application essay for graduate school

14) Which of the following is NOT
a form of social media?
A) Facebook
B) company newsletter
C) Twitter
D) MySpace
E) blog

15) Why is it that many students
do no acquire sufficient communication skills as they pass through school?
A) business communication is
complex even for dedicated students
B) most schools don’t offer any
business communication courses
C) it is an innate skill that
cannot be taught
D) you’re either a good
communicator or you’re not
E) since many perceive it to be
such a difficult course they are discouraged from taking it

16) Which of the following is an
example of unsuccessful communication?
A) ordering an item online and
deciding after it arrives that you don’t like it
B) asking a friend for advice and
then trying to apply it to your problem
C) getting instructions on how to
put something together and then assembling the item
D) making an urgent request on a
colleague’s voice mail and getting no reply for a week
E) writing a letter to a
manufacturer complaining about a recent purchase and receiving a discount on a
future purchase

17) Which of the following
statements best expresses the goal of communication?
A) The goal of communication is
for a receiver to decode a message.
B) The goal of communication is
for a sender to transmit a message.
C) The goal of communication is
to develop shared meaning by communicating in a dynamic loop.
D) The goal of communication is
to select the appropriate channel for sending an encoded message.
E) The goal of communication is
to maximize the potential for feedback.

18) Which of the following is an
example of encoding a message?
A) deciding how to phrase a
request to your boss for clarification on your new assignment
B) deciding that text messaging
is an inappropriate medium for communicating with your professor
C) deciding to purchase a new
smart phone so that you can check and send email while you are on the go
D) deciding to toss out an
advertisement that was mailed to you
E) deciding to read an email sent
by a friend

19) Deciding that an email is the
best way to request information from a colleague for the proposal you are
writing is an example of which step of the communication process?
A) sender encodes a message
B) sender selects a medium
C) receiver decodes the message
D) receiver encodes feedback
E) sender and receiver close the
communication loop

20) While you ________ your
message to the receiver, you also need to ________.
A) encode; decode
B) encode; choose your medium
C) decode; choose your medium
D) decode; prepare feedback
E) encode; close the dynamic loop