7 page paper: compare & contrast the role that women played in any 2 social movements that happened from 1800-1975

Due by January 13th 2019


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The time period from 1800-1975 was marked by a great deal of social change. In a paper of no less than 7 pages with 12 point font New Times Roman  & double spaced, one inch margins, CITATIONS: footnotes (Chicago style format)compare and contrast the role that women played in two of the social movements we’ve covered in this course (ie: abolition, suffrage, settlement houses, women’s rights, civil rights, etc.). Identify your choices, and then provide specific evidence to make your comparisons. Explain the origins of each movement, the purpose of the movements, and the major figures involved. How much of an impact did women have? Were the movements successful in creating lasting social change? Did these movements lead to increased or decreased opportunities and rights for women? Explain your answers. CHICAGO STYLE CITATIONS!!!! footnotes!! 


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