Advanced Nursing Research

Advanced Nursing Research

Advanced Nursing Research; Guidelines for Mixed Methods Research Study Critique Name: Date: Title of article in APA format: Instructions: See grading rubric for specifics.

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1. Title Item Response a. What is the topic of interest for this research article? Is it clearly identified in the title? b. What is the population? Is the population of interest to nursing?

2. Abstract a. Could you explain to a peer what the study is about after reading only the abstract? Why or why not?

3. Introduction a. What is the problem, concern or issue in the study? Why was it done? b. What is the purpose of the study? c. What are the central ideas, concepts or variables in the study (e.g., grief, immobility, pain, etc.)? d. Using the date of publication, are references within the last five years? How many are five years or less in age? How many are more than five years?

4. Sample a. What sampling method was used for the qualitative and quantitative strands of the study? b. How were participants recruited for the qualitative and quantitative strands of the study? c. Does the selection of participants who were both included and excluded fit with the concept(s) being studied? d. What was the rationale for the sample size (e.g., data saturation, power analysis)?

5. Methods a. What rationale is given for using a mixed methods design? b. What mixed methods design was used for sequencing components in the study (e.g., sequential or concurrent)? c. Is the weighting of the qualitative and quantitative strands made clear (e.g., which part was given priority or were they equal)? d. Diagram the sequence/timing for the study (use figure 25.1 on p. 609 of your text to assist you). Give a rationale. e. What specific mixed-method design was used in this study (e.g., triangulation design, embedded design, explanatory design, exploratory design)? Give a rationale. f. Is the research design appropriate to address the topic of interest? Give a rationale. g. At what point in the design did the integration of methods occur (e.g.., data collection, data analysis)? h. How was data collected for the qualitative (e.g., focus group) and quantitative (e.g., questionnaire) strands?

6. Results and Discussions a. What are the main findings of the study? b. Are findings true to the design (does the researcher synthesize findings to validate the mixed methods design)? How do you know this? c. Was significance of findings related back to the paradigm of nursing?

7. Your Interpretation a. Do you agree with the researchers findings? Why or why not? b. Does the interpretation make sense theoretically? c. Does the interpretation offer ideas that you can use in your own practice? Why or why not? Be specific in your explanation.




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