advertising a deep-sea tour of the world ocean.

Imagine that you work for the Davey Jones’ Locker travel group and you want to offer an educational submarine tour showcasing ocean features and landforms. Create a PowerPoint slideshow advertising a deep-sea tour of the world ocean. Your submission must address the following:

Your PowerPoint presentation should:
Have a title slide.
Contain at least 3 content slides.
Reflect proper spelling and grammar.
Cite at least 2 credible references and present the sources in APA format on a References slide.
Select at least 3 features/landforms found on the ocean floor to include in your tour. You can choose from these ocean feature/landform examples or decide to find your own instead.
For each feature that will be visited on the tour, address the following:
Name the feature and describe what type of ocean landform it is.
Provide an image from a bathymetric map showing the feature up-close (like those provided in the examples above).
Describe how plate tectonics relates to the feature:
Include a summary of the geologic process(es) involved in the feature’s formation.
Indicate whether the feature is found at an active margin, passive margin, or in the abyss.