Agency Administration

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CJ 455
Agency Administration
Discussion Board Assignment #4
Gender-Based Representation in Leadership Positions


Submission Instructions:

Due Date: Last day of the current learning module.
Points Possible: 30 points
Mode of Submission: Assignment must be submitted through the course discussion board.


In class, we have examined leadership and management extensively in an attempt to determine how administration can enhance the effectiveness of contemporary criminal justice organizations.  These evaluations have not taken the specific demographic factors of individual leaders into account, but have instead focused on leadership in a very broad and general sense.  Some would argue that a more contextual analysis is needed if we are to gather a fuller understanding of the role of leadership in organizations.  More specifically, many believe that there are gender-based differences in relation to the leadership function in justice organizations.  One key difference in regard to gender is equity in representation.  As your assigned readings (Kellerman & Rhode and Eagly& Carli) note, women have made great deal of progress in terms of their general representation in the management field.  However, women are still substantively underrepresented in the highest level leadership positions in the largest justice organizations and agencies.  The gender-based differences that are mentioned in the assigned readings refer to private companies, but we can expect that the issues noted would be even more significant in criminal justice organizations.  Many have assumed that gender bias and constrained opportunities are solely responsible for the under representation of women, but others have argued that these differences are a result of women opting to not pursue senior administrative positions in justice agencies.

For this discussion forum assignment, you will be required to describe your feelings regarding the underrepresentation of women in senior administrative positions within the nation’s criminal justice agencies.  Is this under representation a direct result of gender bias and workplace discrimination?  Or, are the alternative explanations described in the readings, such as women being disproportionately likely to drop out or opt out of high level justice leadership positions more accurate in terms of their explanatory ability?  Are there other ideas that explain a lack of gender equity that are not addressed to your satisfaction in the readings?  If so, what are these additional factors and why do you feel they are significant.  Which of the two readings (Kellerman & Rhode or Eagly& Carli) pertaining to leadership and gender was more powerful in your opinion and why is this the case?  Specifically identify what it was about the reading that you identified that drove your interest.  Additionally, identify one suspect assertion you noted in the readings pertaining to the relationship between gender and leadership.  Why did you feel that this assertion was lacking and what, if anything, do you think this misrepresents about the issues that female leaders face.   Make sure to provide a detailed and robust overview of the questions raised while integrating the requirements that are noted below.

Discussion Board Requirements:

#1.)  You must post one primary response to the question asked above that is a minimum of 350 words in length, but can include additional as much additional information as you would like.

#2.)  You must reply to the posts of at least two other students.  The responses to other students must be a minimum of 150 words in length, but can include additional information.

#3.)  A minimum of at least two academically rigorous sources must be incorporated into your primary post, one of which can be an assigned textbook.  All sources must be appropriately cited following American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines

#4.)  All postings must be made to the appropriate discussion board.  If you are having problems understanding how to access the discussion board contact your instructor immediately.

#5.)  No points will be awarded for posts submitted after the identified submission deadlines and no makeup assignments will be allowed.

#6.)  All postings must be directly related to the discussion board topicPlease do not deviate from the designated discussion topic and limit your responses to that topic only.

#7.)  All postings must be appropriate.  Any postings deemed inappropriate will be removed from the discussion forum resulting in the forfeiture of any points earned for the assignment.
Critical responses are acceptable, but be professional and courteous when making them.

#8.)  All postings must be substantive and add new meaning to the information that has already been identified.  Simple responses such as “great idea” or “I agree” are not sufficient and will result in significant point reduction.


Grading Considerations:

Primary Post: 20 points possible

The primary post will be evaluated in regard to a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Post meets minimal length requirement.
  • Post is free of grammatical and structural errors.
  • Post focuses on identified topic and includes all necessary information.
  • Post includes a minimum of three appropriate external sources that are all correctly cited.
  • Post includes a quality of writing that is expected from graduate level coursework.


Reply Posts: 5 points possible for each

The reply posts will be evaluated in regard to a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Posts meet minimal length requirement.
  • Posts are free of grammatical and structural errors.
  • Post provides meaningful feedback directly applicable to original post.
  • Post includes a quality of writing that is expected from graduate level coursework.