an analytical, argumentative 4 full pages essay

This is an analytical, argumentative 4 full pages essay.  It will need to be in Modern Language Association (MLA) format and contain an additional Works Cited page with multiple sources.

I would like you to use evidence as your basis while exploring your own ideas about your selected issue related to the education system in the United States

This is a position essay, one where your thesis is supported from the textbook, sources from Resources and your own research, and personal experience/observations when relevant

PROMPT: Critique Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average” and/or other essays and identify issues in the school environment that make it challenging to cope with pressures and judgments encountered in schools.  He and other students are disenfranchised and, therefore, just barely function in somewhat of a holding pen.  Draw from this and other stories, your own experiences, and observations to critique a system that allows so many to fall through the cracks and/or drop out.

Please following my sources:

Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average”. (main idea)

      Other source:

My essay require to use multiple source, you can use more other articles or stories but you have to follow the main source “I Just Wanna Be Average”.

I attached the sources and sample essays from my professor. Please following those sample essay to make the better essay.