Analyse the management plans (medical and nursing) for a patient with an acute exacerbation of COPD.

Analyse the management plans (medical and nursing) for a patient with an acute exacerbation of COPD.

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Bill McDonald is 65 years of age and is a male patient who is diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease (COPD). He has smoked one pack per day of cigarettes for 35 years. He has a long history of
recurrent bronchial infections. He has a chronic productive cough with copious amounts of purulent sputum.
On admission, the patient complains that he is short of breath even at rest and wheezing, productive
coughing and lethargy more than usual.
After a few days of treatment in the hospital, Bill is going to be discharged with home oxygen at 2 litres per
minute per nasal cannula. The patient’s O2 saturation on room air was less than 88% and his PaO2 was less
than 55, which was obtained from an arterial blood gas (ABG) at room air.
The nurse needs to make arrangements with the community nurse to obtain an agency to supply the oxygen
equipment needed and to provide follow-up home care on a regular basis. The supplier makes arrangements
to deliver an oxygen concentrator and portable tanks or concentrated oxygen and oxygen regulators and
needed supplies, including 20 meters of tubing and nasal cannulas.
Analyse the case and respond to all below questions in the essay
 Discuss the pathophysiology of COPD as it relates to the acute and chronic symptoms the
patient is experiencing.
 Analyse the management plans (medical and nursing) for a patient with an acute
exacerbation of COPD.
 Explore home care considerations that need to be assessed before Bill is discharged.
 Identify support resources available in the community and develop an education plan for Bill,
particularly his learning needs associated with his disease process and discharge plans.
Assignment Submission guidelines:
Due date: 21st April 1159 pm , 2017 (Friday) via turnitin submission link on course blackboard
Length: 2000 words ± 10%
Weighting: 30%
1. Submission requirement: 1” margins on all sides of page with double spaced in 12 point Times New
Roman in WORD format. You are required to comply with set work limits, deviations beyond 10%
either way maybe penalized (do not count the words in your reference list but do count the words
used in in-text citations).
2. Submitting assignment in accordance with APA 6th referencing style.
3. Search for and identify the key literature related to best practice in the topic area. You will be
expected to use evidence-based journal articles (a minimum of ten), textbooks (a minimum of five)
and appropriate authoritative web sites (not Better Health Channel, Virtual Hospital, etc.), and all
references used are to be no older than ten years.
4. Headings are encouraged to help you outline and structure your assignment. Do not use bullet points
to organize your paragraphs; writing must be organized in logical and sequential paragraphs.
5. An electronic copy of your assignment must be retained by you until after your final course grade
has been processed by the University, and this copy must be available on request if resubmission is
6. Extension of time for submission: an application for extension form needs to be completed (check the
details on the blackboard).
NURS2100 2017 Assignment Page 2 of 3
Criteria for
Weighting Mark
Fail Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
Style &
Adheres to style
including use of
guidelines; such as
word limit, doublespacing,
use of
header & footer,
page numbers, and
size-12 font
1 You have not adhered to the
style requirements in
accordance with the
assignment guidelines. No
double spacing. Font size
incorrect, making it difficult to
read. Word limit not adhered
to. No cover sheet. No title
page. No page numbers. No
use of headings to guide the
You have adhered to the style
requirements at a basic level
although you have not followed
the guidelines fully. Word limit
not adhered to. Some basic
formatting requirements not
included; such as page
numbers, headings, double
spacing, font size readable.
You have met the
assignment guidelines
satisfactorily, although you
have not followed two or
more of the required criteria.
The majority of style
requirements have been
adhered to, although there
are still some minor
formatting errors.
All style requirements
and assignment
guidelines adhered to.
Spelling, grammar
and paragraph
structure meets
academic standards
3 Many spelling and punctuation
errors. Sentence structure is
often unclear. No use of
meaningful paragraphs to
allow logical flow of content.
Poor use of professional
language. No definition of
terms. You need to consult
with the Study and Learning
Centre for assistance with
writing skills; before
completing any further
academic writing
There are a number of spelling
and grammatical errors
throughout, which detract from
your content and flow of ideas.
Terms are inadequately
defined throughout, with your
use of professional language
limited. Paragraphs are not
structured correctly, with too
much use of point form in your
responses. You need to review
correct paragraph structure
and its use in academic writing.
Your submission reads well,
though some sentences are
a bit confusing and/or
You use professional
language well, but still need
to define some terms.
Your paragraphs need to
each have a key idea or
focus, which then links to the
next logically, enabling a flow
of information.
You have generally met
the academic standards
for writing, with few
spelling and punctuation
errors evident.
Your paragraph structure
is good, with good use of
professional language.
You still need to
consistently define terms
Excellent paragraph
Professional language
used throughout, with
well-defined terms.
Topic is introduced
clearly and
1.5 Your introduction is either
absent or too brief, and doesn’t
state what you intend to cover
in your submission.
Your introduction is only a
restatement of what the case
study is about, and doesn’t
adequately state how you are
going to set out your response
to the question.
You introduce the case study
well, making clear links to the
topic question. You have not
stated clearly enough how
you intend to set out your
Your general introduction
is good, with a clear
summary of the key points
to be covered.
You provide an
excellent introduction to
your submission, and
clearly explain how you
intend to answer the
case study question.
provides a concise
summary of main
points covered
1.5 No conclusion is evident.
You have not summarised the
main components of your
Concluding comments are too
brief, and do not summarise
the main components of your
paper adequately.
You sum up the major focus
of the case study
satisfactorily, but need to
also contextualise the key
points of your responses to
the case study.
You summarise the main
components of your
responses, but need to link
them more consistently to
the case study.
Your conclusion
provides a high quality
summary of the major
points covered in your
responses, all linked
well to the case study.
Provides a
response to the
criteria and analysis
10 The question is inadequately
answered. Poor understanding
of the question. You have not
provided rationales for the
Your response to the question
is answered to a adequate
level only, and require more
detail and also to be applied
Your answer is satisfactorily
researched, and addresses
the key criteria. When you
focus on only one or two key
You have answered the
question well, and in
appropriate detail. You
could have provided more
You have
answered the question
to a high standard of
NURS2100 2017 Assignment Page 3 of 3
Criteria for
Weighting Mark
Fail Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
sing care of the
points that you identify. Your
response is too general and
not focused on the case study.
more specifically to the case
points, you need to justify
this and also briefly list the
other points not covered in
detail in some areas. detail.
Effectively links
information to the
case study data
8 Poor use of evidence to
support your response.
Your lack of supporting
evidence indicates inadequate
research into the topic
Your use of evidence-based
information is limited to the
course textbooks, and reflects
inadequate research.
The references used provide
adequate evidence for your
response, but you have not
searched widely enough in
some areas.
You provide good
evidence for most of your
rationales; although you
need to be more
consistent with your level
of research.
You effectively linked
quality research based
evidence to justify each
of your rationales.
Utilises relevant
and contemporary
references in
2 No or inadequate references
cited throughout your paper.
References used are not
contemporary or reflective of
current practice. Many of your
references are older than 5
years. Many of your references
are web-based and are not
peer reviewed.
You have met the reference
requirements at a basic level
only. Some references used
are older than 5 years. You
have overused non peerreviewed
and web-based
information, which does not
lend credibility to your
References used reflect
adequate research into the
topic, although your use of
web-based information does
not adhere to the case study
guidelines. You need to use
more evidence-based peer
reviewed journals.
You have provided a
relevant list of references;
though you still need to
ensure that the majority of
references used are
contemporary and peer
You have provided an
excellent list of
references; with the
majority of references
contemporary and peer
Intext referencing
used throughout.
formatted in
accordance with
APA requirements
3 Formatting of intext references
incorrect and not according to
APA requirements. Reference
list is incomplete and is not
formatted according to APA
requirements. Your reference
list does not meet the
referencing requirements of
the Discipline of Nursing &
Midwifery, as outlined in the
Style Guide.
You have not been consistent
in your citation of references
throughout this paper. You
have not formatted your intext
referencing according to APA.
Your reference list is not
formatted correctly.
Your reference list is missing
some information, and does
not adhere completely to APA
Intext referencing is used
throughout, but is
inconsistent. You need to
review the use of quotes and
paraphrasing intext. Your use
of et al. is incorrect.
Your reference list is not in
alphabetical order.
You must review the APA
Your use of intext
referencing is good, and
generally consistent.
Reference list indicates
good use of APA
guidelines for most
reference citations.
Please read comments
made throughout which
indicate where
improvements can be
Your intext referencing
and final reference list
demonstrate a high
level of consistency and
are formatted correctly
and according to APA
Total Marks
Additional comments


. .



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