Art and Protest in the 1800s

In responding to this week’s questions students need to keep in mind that these are “mini essays” more than “discussions”. This is the only opportunity that students will have to demonstrate their command of the topics under discussion, so every student should make these responses count. This applies to the classmate response as well. {250-500 Words} Select one (1) example of a literary work or a work of visual art from the 1800s—either Romantic or Realist in style—that responds in some way to the Industrial Revolution. Identify the work and the artist or writer, describe its features and style, and explain the manner in which it responds to the Industrial Revolution. 

Explore & Resources: 

Art Reacting to the Industrial Revolution Chapter 28 ( 920-944), art and literature in Industrial Revolution  The Museum of Fine Art in Ghent, Belgium (MSK Gent) – Romantic and Realist Art of the 1800s at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – French Realist Art of the 1800s at

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