Asian American Research

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Asian American Research

Hello class, I hope this finds you all well! 

For this week and the last we have been looking at an overview of Asian American Theatre, some of its origins, traditions, the rise of xenophobia against specific yet different Asian cultural groups, and Asian immigration over the last 150 years, as well as a brief look at where this culturally specific kind of Theatre and cinema stands today nationally and more locally with respect to the kinds of stories that are being told that are from an Asian P.O.V. as well as the actors that are cast to play these roles in the last 80 years of cinema, television and theater.  

Consider your own overall outlook, knowledge and familiarity (including from our class) with Asian history in the U.S. and the potential struggles that Asian Americans have endured in the last century(s) with the  mass migrations in the middle of the 1800’s, the struggle of the Gold and Railroad industries,  the rise of wars and conflicts that set Asian Americans and immigrants against the prevailing attitudes in the U.S. about race in the last 150 years. 

 Looking at the Asian American experience in the U.S. is important as we consider the building blocks of our nation, with railroads, industry, wars, working and labor rights,  internment camps during WWII, the deep culture of education and rich traditionalism  that is so socially important to the overall history of this group of study, and the important contributions that we as a society have enjoyed from key figures in Asian American history.

 We can all speak with a certain level of experience and knowledge, either directly or indirectly, to what we think would be important elements and issues to discuss within the Asian American culture.

Your assignment for this week is to research our topic of Asian American Arts and find an article or video link that deals with this topic in some way and then respond to it with a response paper. 

This can be topics of:

1. The Issue of “Yellow Casting” and it’s affects on modern Cinema

 2. Insufficient roles for Asians in Cinema, T.V. and Theatre 

3.  Pay gap for Asian actors compared to white actors, 

4. How many of the common stereotypes that we discussed are still seen and expressed in film and TV. today. 

5. Highlighting an Individual Artist and their impact on pop culture and elevating Asian culture in some way:

                    – Director(s)

                    – Actor(s) 

                     – Playwright(s)/Screenwriter(s) 

                      – Any article or video you feel are relevant to our topic and this assignment that                        

    you can write a reaction to in line with this assignment

Please upload your link with your 2-3 page reaction paper. (double space / MLA format)