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Week 4 – Annotated Bibliography

The site describes how the Moyo clinic protects the health information for the patients in their clinic. The preference to have the security systems for keeping the records helps in ensuring high security in the health care units. In the health care units, there are different patients with different diseases and disorders, which should never be disclosed to the patients as well for the members of the family. The competence for Moyo Clinic to reveal the privacy of the information such as the patient’s name, addresses, doctor’s, and even the nurses’ notes has generated the entire effort to facilitate the trustworthiness of the patients from different areas to liaise with the treatment within the clinic.

According to the manner Moyo clinic service is handling the patients with a lot of privacy to their records, it has generated valid and real-valued concerns for the patients to bring their needs to the doctors. Serving the needs of the patients is taken as a significant concern and deserves privacy within the areas as well. In turn, they have taken into consideration the effort to ensure safer systems that encrypt the data recorded for the patients concerning their ailments. Employees of the Moyo clinic only access the information to perform the expected duties. On the other hand, on violation of rules, an employee’s function may take place and disciplinary action for the action.

Different systems and machines have been implemented in today’s clinical services and even healthcare facilities. The methods ensure that the environment is much secure to prevent leaking of patient’s information. The security is guaranteed by the administration, ensuring the right protocols are adhered to promptly.

Manogaran, G., Thota, C., Lopez, D., & Sundarasekar, R. (2017). Big data security intelligence for healthcare industry 4.0. In Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0 (pp. 103-126). Springer, Cham.

The author of the article talks mostly on big-data issues. This facilitates the issue of privacy in the clinical facility to contribute to the confidentiality of data records by the doctors and nurses to the patients. A concern to enroll the health care facilities in the system for administration is the biggest role in the community. In the integrated industries, it is difficult to generate big data and find out the desired information. The author of the journal describes the generated data as enormous and challenging to manage. Therefore, clinics are encouraged to have systems that are capable of holding extensive data concerning sensor enrolment.

The large numbers that are tabulated in the clinics are hard to manage their records as well as to their related details; therefore, a system that can produce a scalable sensor number of individuals is proposed. Industrial Internet of Things is valuable to ensure the right system that can tally and keep records of big data for a good time. The proposed Meta Cloud Redirection can process big data and analytics into details for the value of informative details.

The proposed systems for the healthcare facilities are essential to accumulate a good record for the patients. The privacy of the patients can be handled independently in the systems preventing them from generating abnormal data. Independent data can be caused by ensuring the improvement of systems by information technology individuals are reliable to the members. The essentials are procured in the best manner to prevent all the measures taken in the health care facility.

Mayo Clinic Notice of Privacy Practices

The practice to produce notices to embrace privacy contributes so much to the individuals as a measure of reminder every moment. The concerns are made by the administration to reinforce the ability to adapt to the environment as a measure of protecting the patients’ records. There are indeed great records that can be handled by many of the clinical employees, which are paramount and not supposed to be disclosed as well. The concern to reinforce the systems that generate notices to the employees ensures the right assistance for the individuals. Measures are undertaken once one violates the reinforced notices, and in turn, a punishment follows.

Moyo clinic procures notices to their employees to empower them with the right information and let even the patients know what is desired according to their records’ privacy. The announcement is like a repetitive update to the employees as it is displaying information on the wall. Once the information is displayed to the parties, there is no trick to play around with the patients’ details of the records as well. Therefore, the specific concerns are made to develop at the Moyo clinic, ensuring that there is an intensive measure to value the privacy of any document for the patients.

As in the outside environment, notices are kept on the notice boards to ensure the right follow up procedure to ensure all rules are adhered to. Newer systems that are developed to ensure the right privacy and produce pop up notices to the clinical employees assist a lot in reminding the employees as well. The notices that are given ahead facilitate the management of the patient’s data privately highly.

McKesson Corp Privacy notice.

According to McKesson, the greatest value of privacy is to the patients, customers, and even the employees who care about the information they share. Concerning privacy evaluation to the realistic measure in the advancement of systems’ confidentiality. Relating the documentary released on the notice of McKesson, the value to keep the top-secret on members’ data concerning the chats and confidential information sharing is therefore kept highly private. The realization to secure the right decisions on information sharing enables the systems measurable to keep records securely. Owning private website hosts and domains is a measure to ensure that data is secured; hence a single individual is liable to update.

An oath is essential to the individuals under the care to ensure the right processes as well as the dominance of information system hosting and keeping the records. The decisions are made to evaluate the right decisions as a measure in advancing the correct details in the documents presented. Privacy is assured in documents by ensuring the right web loggings, providing cookies, and ensuring that adverts are presented to the members accessing. This ensures keeping track of the members on the site and restricting hacking. The desire to trace the best accesses to the sites provides encryption to the hidden data making all seem simpler.

Privacy on the sites is essential and as well as an improved manner of assuring the right decisions accurately. Access once retrieving one’s data is necessary to ensure the right follow up as well. In health care units, there is the right decisive measure to value the weight of decisions. I am therefore making the proper processions.

Patil, H. K., & Seshadri, R. (2014). Big data security and privacy issues in healthcare. In 2014 IEEE international congress on big data (pp. 762-765). IEEE

In the document, the author dictates a paradigm shift in the health care facility to ensure the right follow up. Once the issues concerning the big data are settled, a consistent development is retrieved in the systems to develop a substantial device that can handle the big data. Migration from reactive to proactive health care is an excellent deal in approving the right protocols. The measure of digitizing the medical records is an excellent change to the individuals and privately kept records. The transfer to the systems ensures that none of the records is lost on the way.

According to the sayings, the measure to move from the old generation of health care to the newer generation ensures the right strategic ratio in approving the right decisions as well and for the essentials in the arrangements, acquiring the systems which are liable to measure the actual generations as a measure to evaluate the real estates in advancements as well. The situations in managing the analysis are essential in technological systems that are capable of handling complex data. The more complex data in the systems are embraced by the advancements made to retrieve complex data and ensure the right tracing. In big data, privacy and security are vital to the members and the entire health care unit.

The concern to ensure the right generation movement is caught on track by the improvised systems is essential to the members as a measure to evaluate the right decisions. To the newer generations, there is the fact of the transfer of data to the more modern systems and capable systems as well. The devices are improvised to ensure the accurate analysis in the proper manner for excellent future management.

Sethi, S. (2018). Healthcare blockchain leads to transform the healthcare industry. International Journal of Advanced Research, Ideas, and Innovations in Technology4(1), 607-608.

This journal details on transforming the health care units in making all things accessible and minimizing the complexity. The health care industry is more prone to developing and acquiring the right decisions to ensure an advanced generation of detailed data. It is believed that the blockchain is capable of changing the future of the health care industry. Blockchain encompasses the directives in attaining the desired measures as well. The desires for the health care industry are manageable in a single unit enabling development in the tracing manner of the records. The transformation can be made technologically to reveal different affairs.

According to the measures of decentralization, the proper way to undertake the fact of developing the health care industry in a way that is attractive to the members and the patients. The blockchain method ensures the procedural tactics in deriving the real generations on security and holding big data. Privacy is the most excellent deal in reinforcing the adherence to developing the right procedures as well. Embracing the right privacy for the health care industry records is vital to the development of the affairs as a measure in attaining a manageable number in the clinics.

Different members have generated different systems that are more secure to the data and record handling as well. The desire to ensure the right data handling is essential and paramount to ensure the right attractions are maintained. Therefore, the processing of big data is manageable by the developers of the systems or familiar individuals.

UnitedHealth Care Group Privacy information.

A description of personal information is described as very essential. To the individual facilitation, it is ever necessary to keep oneself data and records very safe and secure to the desired generations as well. The way the information is handled on to the websites and on to the different systems is prone to leaking and getting known to the undesired destinations. Therefore, tracking using the cookies and locator methods has improvised the techniques to settle different desires as well. In turn, to evaluate the analytical techniques, a desirable measure to detail out the data is desired to ensure the proper transfer. Holding on the details is desirable.

The United Health care is an essential facility to ensure tracking of the patients’ records and enabling easy retrieval of data in the desired manner as well. The concern of advancing the systems is to ensure that there is no redundancy on data transmission and posting. The essentiality to ensure the right decisions on handling complex data and big data is designed over the sites and posted for rectifications. The desires are prone to reaching the desired measures as well. Activation of the systems and advancement of the systems assures the management of developed productions in the industry.

Different sites over the world are generated and managed from the same servers, which in turn facilitate the production. Complex data is handled in different systems making it the right grounds of growth. The development of state clinics is an achievement in the handling of operations as well. Results are attained in practicing the proper process as well in the industry.