Bioethics of Surrogacy

California State University Fullerton Bioethics of Surrogacy Paper

California State University – Fullerton

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I need you to write a bioethics paper on the topic of surrogacy. the instructions are below:

In 5-7 pages (not counting front matter or the works cited page), analyze a bioethical topic related to course. Read at least five scholarly sources beyond the required readings; make sure the sources cover multiple sides of the issue. Ask the instructor for assistance finding sources. Analyze the arguments of the sources; offer and defend a well-defined thesis. Identify and respond to at least one objection to your own argument. The paper should conform to a standard academic style manual (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian). Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides, double spacing, and left (not full) justification. Up to 2 points may be deducted for non-standard English, up to 4 points for failure to use a professional tone (to show personal, cultural, and ideological sensitivity).

Grading rubric: Paper clearly identifies an ethical question and states a thesis. 2 points.

… accurately and charitably summarizes five (or more) scholarly responses

to the ethical question. 4 points.

… persuasively and creatively defends its thesis against opposing ones. 6 points.

… identifies and responds to at least one substantive objection. 4 points.

… uses professional tone (shows personal and cultural sensitivity). 2 points

… uses correct terminology, standard English. 2 points