briefly describe the concept of unified command.

Harvard University Foundation in Emergency Management Exam Questions

Harvard University

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The questions are direct, basic and simple, so give brief and clear answer, most of the answers won’t take longer than 2 lines approximately.


1. This is a closed-book exam

2. Answer each of these questions in your own words.

3. Be direct and clear.

4. Don’t extend a lot on your answer because this is an EXAM not a Post.

5. Don’t copy the answers from the per-done answers in Studypool, I already have that and you can find it on attachment here. I want unique answers.


1. briefly describe the concept of unified command.

2. in your own words briefly describe the significance of the planning P after an event has occurred.

3. Name at least one type of technical specialist whose services would be of value to command staff as a hurricane approaches and after it makes landfall.

4. What is the purpose of a THIRA.

5. Briefly describe the role of technical specialist in disaster response

6. Define the term “critical infrastructure / key resource” and list three resources in your community

7. What is the intended for FEMA ICS form 201? You can find the form in attachment.

8. Briefly describe the process of using the Haddon Matrix for an emergency management event.

9. Name a key piece of emergency management legislation and summarize its intent in 2-3 sentences.

10. Briefly explain the concept of continuity of operations plan (COOP).