Clarku Life Stage Concepts Across History and Cultures

CFS 134 Clarku Life Stage Concepts Across History and Cultures Discussion

CFS 134

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Clark University


Question Description


Your weekly reading journals should address the following three questions:

  1. What does this week’s reading(s) illuminate about the CFS 134 topic of the week?
    Consider the key messages that were covered in the readings as it relates to the topic of the week (noted in the Course Schedule).
  2. How has this week’s reading(s) deepened or changed your perspective on children or families? Consider how the readings challenged or altered your thinking about children or families, or what was particularly interesting or surprising to you in the readings.
  3. What questions have been spurred for you as a result of this week’s reading(s)? Consider what the readings made you wonder, what you are curious to learn more about as a result of the readings, or what critiques or challenges you have of the author’s claims. You are encouraged to explain the origins of your questions as they relate to the readings, and/or to propose what you think or suspect.


  • Weekly Reading Journals should be submitted on time and BEFORE class zoom meetings.
  • Minimum 300 word count
  • Include your name, journal entry #, and topic of the week
  • Entries should be in your own words and should reflect your independent reactions from the readings and should not reflect the idea of your peers or others.
  • Responses to the three questions should be equal in length.
  • Responses should clearly demonstrate that you read the entire assignment(s).
  • Your responses should both address all three questions, but also demonstrate your depth of understanding.

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