Class HUMA 2323. Due in 5 hrs

Discussion #1

European countries started to transfer power back to African nationalist leader around 1950.  How did different countries go about creating their individual constitutions? Do some additional research and evaluate why some countries experienced a more peaceful transfer of power while others experienced armed struggles and bloody conflicts. Why did some countries have problems with independence and political instability?  How did different political party choices affect different countries in different ways?  Why were some countries more successful with independence than others?  What impact did culture and language play?

Discussion #2

Do a little additional research and evaluate how different countries in Africa struggled for a free market and a governmental system of their own choosing.  What role did the IMF and the world bank play throughout this process? What roles did Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan play throughout this process?  How did different countries respond in different ways? What were the major issues as the following African countries struggled for self rule: a. Kenya b. Republic of Congo c. Uganda, d. Rwands, e. Zimbabwe, f. Angola g. Namibia. h. Cameroon.What impact did industrial nations play in assisting the poorer countries of Africa?  Was this assistance positive or negative? What role did the U.S Agency for International Development play ?  What was the role of the World Bank ? What was the impact of the Structural Adjustment program? Do some additional research and evaluate how these different organizations have influenced countries in Africa. What is the purpose of NEPAD?