Comparison of Two Nursing Theorists

Comparison of Two Nursing Theorists
For this paper you will evaluate two nursing theorists in the professionally recognized four
main concept paradigm areas of: nurse, person, health, and environment. You may not use
Orem or Watson for this assignment.This paper provides you with the opportunity to reflect
upon the various theorists that we have reviewed this term and possibly revise your own nursing
theoretical framework.
This is to be a 5-8 page APA style paper (excluding title & reference pages) that reflects your
ability to synthesize and paraphrase the works of other writers. Although you may use some
direct quotes, I would prefer you mainly paraphrase the author/theorists’ concepts.
This paper has three essential parts:
1. You must address each theorist’s key concepts and how they address/define the paradigm
areas listed above. In other words how do each of them define their main building blocks of the
2. You are then to compare and contrast the two theorists in regards to their key concepts and
how they address the four areas. How do the theorists see the four main concepts in their
theory relating to each other?
3. Finally, you must determine if the two nursing theories you selected are relevant and apparent
in today’s practice realm. Examples of how the theories maybe used in nursing can be explained.
Include at least 4 reference citations in the body of the paper . You may use your textbook, but it
does NOT count as one of your sources. You may cite an older original source of the author’s
theory (textbook or article), but the remainder should be from articles or books from 20011-2017.
If the location of newer articles becomes problematic in your literature search, please let me
know. Youmay NOT use websites. You will need at least 4-6 scholarly references which are
directly relevant to the topic at hand.
The paper will be evaluated according these guidelines:
1. Clarity: Clear and precise descriptions (5 points)
2. Completeness: Adequate coverage of the literature (10 points)
3. Analysis: Analysis and discussion points are sound (10 points)
4. Presentation: Organization, quality of writing, APA style, grammar/spelling (5 points)
The paper will be submitted in the assignments area of the course entitled Nurse Theorists Paper.
This paper will also need to be submitted to the Turnitin program.

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