Complete Rehab Assessment Psychology Course Written Mid-term NO PLAGIARISM

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The following questions should be answered in essay form. There are a total of FIVE questions covering each of the units discussed in the course. Each question MUST be answered in order to receive the maximum amount of points. The responses should not be regurgitated facts from the book, but a comprehensive, concise, and cogent analysis that exemplifies that the student has mastered the skills and knowledge set at question. Each response should be NO LESS THAN 250 words, free of grammatical and typographical errors, and lend itself to graduate level higher ordering thinking in an effort to contribute to the field of rehabilitation counseling. The responses should be submitted by Sunday, February 25, 2018 by 11:59 PM EST.

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1. Do you believe that vocational assessment should focus primarily on a consumer’s vocational or career related strengths or on the consumer’s limitations to achieving vocational goals? Is it possible to achieve a balance between strengths and limitations exploration during the assessment process?

2. What is your vocational assessment philosophy (that will provide a foundation for selected assessment methods and goals)?

3. While reading through a new consumer’s file, you notice a series of tests that were performed by a colleague.

  • A relatively new vocational assessment that measures an individual’s functional limitations with their transferable skills. The test had the following statistical information: a correlation coefficient of 0.67. What does this number tell us about the construct of the test?
  • In addition, it appeared that the consumer’s IQ score was 1 standard deviation below the mean. What are the implications of this score?
  • On the Mechanical Dexterity test, the consumer received a Stanine score of 5. What can be gleaned from this assessment?
  • Lastly, on the reading inventory, the consumer placed at the 78th percentile. What does this tell us about the consumer? How did he do compared to others? If a z score was used instead; what would it be?

4. The concepts of attending, observing, listening, and responding are important constructs in the interview process. If you had to remove one from the interview process, which one would it be and why? Additionally, would there be any consequences for removing your chosen construct?

5. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs has asked you to come and do a presentation on the “Vocational Assessment of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury” to a group of mental health service providers; what would be some key points that you would make during your presentation? What would you want the mental health providers to remember the most?

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