Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology 2 Spring 2020: M/W: 7-8:25 a.m. (Revised Online) Mr. Coltman

Course Syllabus: Cultural Anthropology

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Course Description: Through the comparative study of different cultures, anthropology explores fundamental questions about what it means to be human. It seeks to understand how culture shapes societies and individuals, from the smallest island in the South Pacific to the largest global metropolis, and affects the way institutions work, from scientific laboratories to Christian mega-churches. This course will provide a framework for analyzing diverse facets of human experience such as gender, ethnicity, language, politics, economics, and art.

Course Requirements (Revised for Online): Lecture: You are encouraged to attend and participate in online classroom sessions, as this is a lecture and discussion course. This means that you should do the reading in advance and be prepared to be engaged in the course, even though we are now online. If you are unable to attend the online lecture it will be recorded and will be available at your convenience. You will be sent a link to the recorded lecture through Canvas Announcements.

Exams: There will be two exams, including the final, each worth 1/3 of your grade. Exam 1 and the Final will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions (25 from lecture and 25 from the text) and will be taken on Canvas. The final will be cumulative in course materials, concepts, theorists, and theories.

The textbook and lectures: You are expected to read the textbook, which covers material related to the lecture. The exams will require information that you will find in both the text and lecture, so you will also have to take careful notes.

The Essay: 1/3 of your grade will be earned from a critical-thinking essay. The requirements for the essay will be provided to you. This paper will approximately 3-5 pages in length. The paper is due (approximately!) Wednesday, May 6th.

Attendance: If you stop attending a class, it is your responsibility to officially drop the class and you must do so prior to deadlines that can be found online. If you fail to drop the course through the proper channels you will end up with an “F” in the course.

How it all turns into an “A” or what you will:

Course totals: Multiple choices exams will be curved and assigned a letter grade. The term paper will receive a letter grade. No grades will be dropped but I will do my best to overlook total disaster, as long as your other grades argue on your behalf and as long as you do the extra credit assignment.

Extra Credit: There will be one extra credit opportunity, similar in topic and scope to the term paper. You will be given a handout on this opportunity after the midterm. It will require that you pick some aspect of cultural belief or behavior that interests you, research it, analyze it, and produce a critical analysis for my review. A hard copy will be due the day of the final exam. There will be no exceptions as regards due date.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Analyze cultural traditions using a relativist framework. 2. Compare, contrast, and explain ethnological diversity among humans. 3. Identify and illustrate patterns both within and across human societies and cultures.

Textbook: Kottak: Cultural Anthropology (17th ed.); available for purchase, rental, and e-book

Office and office hours (revised for Online): Hours: M-Th: 8:30-9, M/W: 11:15-12 Office Location: Online through Canvas Email: LDCOLTMAN@PASADENA.EDU

Course Outline (Revised for Online): Lectures & Exams:

Topic 1: Introduction to the Course: Anthropology and Defining “Culture.” Film: Witchcraft Among the Azande

Topic 2: Anthropology’s Paradigms and Theory in Anthropology. Film: N!ai: The Story of a !Kung Woman,

Topic 3: Language and Evolution

Topic 4: The organization of society (Hammond’s Rule)

Topic 5: Making a Living: The Economy. Films: Yanomamo of the Orinoco & Warriors of the Amazon

Midterm 1 (online): Proposed Date, April 29-May 1

Topic 6: Organizing & Maintaining Order Within & Between Groups: The Political System. Films: From Machetes to Cell Phones and Dead Birds

Topic 7: Organizing Social Relations: Roles & Work. Film: Masai Women

Topic 8: Marriage, Reproduction, Sex, and the Body. Film: Paris is Burning

Topic 9: Beyond the Known: Religion & Healing. Film: Shadow & Illuminations

Topic 10: The World System & Pragmatics. Film: The Act of Killing

Cumulative Final (online): Thursday 6/10-Saturday 6/13

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