Deceptive dental marketing and advertisements. 

Conduct a search using both internet and library database resources on the  Ethical Issue: Deceptive dental marketing and advertisements.

Write a paragraph (3 – 5 sentences) to explain how you will introduce your topic in a catchy way.

Create an original chart. Input the data into an Excel document and create a chart. Be sure to include a clear title for the chart and correctly label all data and units. Include your approved topic somewhere on the page.

Include at least 5 images. Although clipart is useful, there are lots of open and public domain images out there. Find 5 open or public domain images you think you would like to use in your project.  Insert these images into a Word document and include the correct citation information (where exactly did you find the images). Please note that “google search” is not a citation for an image. Suggested sites: Pixaby, Pexels, Cartoon Stock, Burst