Describe a real life situation in which you think obedience,

(1) I will use face mask because right now, we are in a pandemic that has changed our way of living. Face mask is the new way of life, the new social norm of mask is like grabbing your credit card eve


I will use face mask because right now, we are in a pandemic that has changed our way of living. Face mask is the new way of life, the new social norm of mask is like grabbing your credit card every time you walk out the door. The state of Texas has mandated the face mask to were no service it provided or most places will not even let you in to their establishment without a mask. This is a new behavior that it expected of us in any public setting outside of your own house. Now, we are about 4-5 months into this pandemic, what was once normal to be without a mask is now weird for most. Now, the problem was that some people would not allow themselves to be controlled by COVID-19 or the government. When the mandated face mask went into effect, people that would not wear them, now are obedient to the requirement, but why? Mainly, I would say because they will not receive service from anywhere and some cities are giving out fines up to 1,000 dollars. There are a few places that do not require mask and people are still wearing them inside that establishment, why; because it’s now become a social norm for them. We are now facing the reality that come August, our children will be required to wear a mask for 8 hours, while in school.

I would do an observation in an establishment with random people coming in to shop. I will not require face mask but I will have some at the door for the people that choose to wear them. I would see how many people will grab a face mask for the front and how many people will not. I can record how many people have adapted to the new social norm and how many people refuse it.


Describe a real life situation in which you think obedience, conformity, social norms, or social roles may have a big impact on people’s behavior. Some examples are face mask wearing, hoarding, drunk driving, criminal behavior, cheating, hazing, gang behavior, working at a company like Dell, participating on athletic teams (men vs. women, captains vs. members), etc.

Just watching social media is always an interest of mine especially when it comes to the subject of conformity. Specifically when fads are involved, there is always this very visible wave that travels across my feed as everyone participates in whatever is popular at the time. There was recently a trend in my circle of Twitter where everyone was using an app to customize and generate a 2D avatars of themselves. This got so popular that nearly every post I scrolled through that day was of these avatars and eventually I found myself doing it too. By the end of the day, nearly every user on my feed had set these avatars as their profile picture and, all at once, everyone was suddenly so uniform. I’ve seen this happen with quizzes, challenges, and other easily shared trends and every time it just reminds me that this is where Twitter really excels. By creating a platform restricted to microblogging but connecting others through hashtags and @ tags, the platform is able to make content viral and trends infectious.

Design a study (experiment, survey, or observation) to test whether your concept (choose one: conformity, obedience, social roles, or social norms) has an influence on people’s behavior. Make your study as simple as possible and describe it in detail. What do you predict will happen? What do you think you will find?

If I were to design an experiment based around the concept of conformity, I’d likely start with choosing a varied group of 50 Twitter users from ages 20-60 years old. Then I would randomly split the users into two groups of 25 and make sure they each group only mutually followed each other, in other words each group would only be able to interact with their own group so as not to contaminate the results. I would then tell 24 or the 25 members of Group A to make their profile picture/avatar the same image of a black square with no explanation and allow them to interact normally throughout the day. In Group B, I would tell only 2 of the 25 members to make their profile picture a black square also with no explanation. I predict that in Group A, the singled out member that wasn’t told to change their avatar will do so by the end of the day even if they don’t know the significance or explanation behind it. This normative social influence will allow the singled out member to conform to this seemingly arbitrary norm while still not believing in it privately. I also believe that in Group B, the two members with the same avatar will not have significantly influenced the rest of the group by the end of the day as they were a minority and there was no need for social normative reason to go along with a seemingly pointless thing. I think ultimately this will give a good example of people’s desire to conform in order to simply avoid looking foolish or being disapproved of by the group.

IN 5-6 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DICUSSSION BORAD. When responding to others it is best to add support to their claims or add evidence or logic that goes against their claims.