Determine effects of capitalism on the environment

AMDA Capitalism and Fashion Industry Impact Towards Our Environment Paper

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

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The teacher said my topic is too broad. Please reduce the information as much as possible. Change the topic even.

The is the teacher’s suggestions and what she said

“Some thoughts on your proposal quickly (although I am still waiting on your updated bibliography (with theory sources):

You give me a lot of contextual information in the beginning and throughout (some is extraneous, so make sure all information is necessary to the overall paper), but the reader (me) doesn’t actually know exactly what you are going to be doing and how. As you redo the proposal (due on April 10th, the day before our individual conference) clearly lay out your goals, questions and methods (ie object analysis, interviews, etc.), and make sure they all interrelate.

You’ve laid out:

What is Capitalism?

Examine relationship between capitalism and fast fashion

Determine effects of capitalism on the environment

My original criticism from our conference still stands: your paper is too general for a ten-page paper. “What is capitalism” seems to be an easy definition to get but which Capitalism, Fast Fashion, and Environmental impacts are you studying, and where- we need specific contexts. (H&M and Zara – ok – please expand on this. Where is your source material coming from?) You will find probably that all of these three massive concepts don’t fit in a short, ten-page paper. Reduce, reduce, reduce, and be as specific as you can be. Think more analytical interpretative research, and less book report.

Some of your classmates are also writing about sustainability and the environment but with more focused narratives — what will yours be? ”