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Discuss the relation between communism and decolonization movements.   Discuss the relation between democracy and decolonization movements.

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Discussions that needs respond:


Discussion 1:


Title: Relationship between democracy and decolonization movements


Colonies dependent from the rules and policies of other countries can quickly become against these rules in the desire of being independent. This can also be triggered by a difference in culture. When colonies decide to fight their oppressors it is usually because they are not given enough rights and are being mistreated, this kind of movement can be impulsed by a leader that is fighting towards liberty and democracy. For example, Sun Yat -Sen spent many years studying different political and economical manners around the world and throughout time to come up with a democratic system that according to him would impulse the New China. I think when a civilization has been ruled by a foreign country their main goal is to reach democracy. In democracy they would be able to choose their representatives and governors, opposite to colonization principles. 

On the other side, communism, in my opinion is more related to decolonization movements when the wage-class is no longer looking for an opportunity to be able to choose their governors but the opportunity to be able to grow economically, that is, be able to get properties and not just enough money to survive. In communism the main goal is to take away the bourgeois’ private property and make it  be owned by society.

Discussion 2:

title: The Decolonization movements.

During the time of the decolonization movements, the countries of the southern hemisphere wanted freedom from their ruling foreign governments. The people in the lower classes, also known as the working class, wanted to have better lives and to be equal to those of the rich class, so they proposed the communist party to power. Communism gained its popularity by claiming that all working people are equal and that it was the best way to make a country successful. This ideology greatly differs from those of democracy, where people have equal rights and freedoms, characteristics that were wanted in a new government by the colonized peoples.




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