Discussion Question 1

Kate Summerscale provides a lot of information between the introduction and the end of the first chapter (your assigned reading this week). Choose one of the sections/items below and answer the following questions: 1) What information is provided in this section? 2) What was your response to this section? 3) Why might Summerscale choose to provide this information now and in this manner? Or, what is the purpose of this section?

Note: Each section should receive no more than two original posts. If two posts are already present answering the above questions for a section, then choose another section. You may reply to any original post that interests you without limit.

  1. Introduction (p. XI-XII at section break)
  2. Introduction (section break p. XII-XIII)
  3. Map (p. XIV-XV)
  4. Family Tree (p. XVI)
  5. List of Characters (p. XVII-XIX)
  6. A Note on Money (p. XX)
  7. Prologue (p. XXI-XXV)
  8. Chapter 1 (p. 3-8 at section break)
  9. Chapter 1 (section break p. 8-13 end of page)
  10. Chapter 1 (p. 14-16)