Disease is achalasia

Ashford University GIT procedures Research Paper

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– Tittle:GIT procedures (Barium swallow)

– Disease is achalasia

The evaluation mechanism for the case study must include:

1- Introduction

2- Anatomy from the mouth to the esophagus

3- sign and symptoms

4- (Radiological examinations technique)

5- Radiation protection for staff and patient

6- Radiological diagnosis

7- related images

the paper should includes all the above.


Talk about the disease in the introduction covering the disease and then explain the anatomy. Diseases and signs after the radiation tests that you use for the patient, for example, bariun meal with regard to radiation protection, the diagnosis from the image for example appeared at the end reflex and gives pictures of the rays that Working and the form of the disease in the picture

Explain the examination in terms of techniques, pictures, projections and everything. Fully cover checkup section

Disease is achalasia

The examination will be swallowed

My anatomy is from the oral cavity. Which is the place of examination and disease.