DQ #1


·       You are at a cocktail party of math teachers trying to impress your professors. So, you read up on one of the topics below. Include your subject in the title of the message. Responses should be 200- 300 words and include a citations. Use at least two sources of information to document your work.

·    The saying goes that the West owes a great debt to the ancient Arabic and Hindu cultures.

      o     What was the nature and significance of this debt?

      o     What were some of the conditions that made it possible

 DQ # 2

 The cocktail  from DQ1 was a whopping success and you learned so much that you decided that you really want to learn more about mathematics. You decide to look up one other topic from the list below.
Put your name and topic in the subject line


Responses should be 200-300 words and include a citation. Use at least two sources of information to document your work.


2.7    Discuss the rapid development of calculus, including the important extensions of it resulting in the fields of the study of ordinary and partial differential equations as well as the calculus of variations.

2.8    Identify the applications of the new tools of calculus;discuss the revolution in science and engineering that the new mathematics made possible.

2.9    Analyze the changing social and economic conditions in the West during this period that contributed to a favorable setting for the further progress in mathematics, science, and technology.

2.10 Identify the major mathematical figures of the time and discuss their work.