East Asia History Questions

East Asia History Questions

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Question 1. According to the reading by Kingston, Japan created Asia Women’s Fund to offer financial compensation and apology to former comfort women. Yet, it was a compromise attacked by both conservative critics and by many victims in other Asian countries. Why were conservative Japanese critics opposed to the AWF? Why were victims in other Asian countries also critical of AWF?

Question 2. According to the article by Jeremy Luedi, During Mao’s rule, Chinese government did not mention or highlight the Nianjing Massacre or other war atrocities during Sino-Japanese War. Why did Mao’s government choose to be largely silent on these historical events? And why then did Deng Xiaoping’s government (since early 80’s) decide to start publicizing these events?

Question 3. According to reading by Shannon Tiezzi, Prime Minister Abe’s statement on the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWI, did admit Japan’s past historical mistakes, but would not satisfy Korea and China. Why Not? (at least two reasons).

Question 4. Personal Opinion.

(Recommended For Students from East Asia): Do you think historical past is still an important issue for the young generations of East Asia? Should it be an important issue?

(Recommended For Students not from East Asia): Should other countries (US, Europe, Latin America) be concerned, be interested, or be attentive about historical dispute between Japan and China/Korea? Or is this a “non-issue” for the rest of the world?