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University of California Berkeley Lecture Exercise Hypotheses Discussion

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Lecture Exercise: Hypotheses

For this assignment, you need to address the issues, ideas, and processes of hypotheses. Please answer each question fully.

  1. Why are hypotheses referred to as “educated guesses?”
  1. Before we begin any literature reviews, we regularly come to research with an idea of “what’s going on” in mind, though this is based on personal experience. Do our initial ideas/interests in a topic constitute a hypothesis? Why or why not?

The following list are hypotheses that need to be critiqued. What you need to do is either fix what is stated (and explain what the problem was) or state that the hypothesis is correct as is.

  1. Gender influences how often one votes.
  1. The more money one has, the more problems in life they experience.
  1. Religion influences happiness.
  1. The older one is, the less likely they are to vote Republican.
  1. Students who text during class do worse on exams than students who do not text during class.

Finally, to practice a bit further, I’m going to give you 3 examples of two variables without stating either as the independent or dependent variable. I want you to state a hypothesis based upon these two variables and explain your reasoning behind it. (This is meant to get you in the habit of seeing how you must give legitimate justifications for your hypotheses.)

  1. Gender and Religiosity
  1. Political Party and Gun Ownership
  1. Household income and Happiness