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For this essay, you will be analysis for an advertising for your reader, focusing on the AD’s argument or pricing made about GENDER as well as the Value / Need Appeal according to Maslow’s Hierarchy. This, however not a simple report on an AD; I expect you to live explain the AD (assume I have never seen it or heard of it), give Context, use explicit description-colors, words, images, themes, layout (if it’s a print ad), actions / plot (if It’s a commercial), and explain how it ‘sells’ its product and how it manipulates the buyer (meaning, what is it selling in addition to the product? -ie a belief, a fantasy, a stereotype, about Gender, Masculinity, Femininity , Etc.). You should also connect this ad to something larger-the ‘bigger picture’-as it were. For example, is it a harmful harmful ad because of the stereotypes about gender it presents? If so, how?

Requirements: 4-5 pages (4 min) typed, double-spaced, MLA Guidelines / format; clever title;

2 sources minimum – one is the AD itself, the other / s can be Studying Men and Masculinities by David Buchbinder or Masculine Adornment by Mark Moss or other outside source – article, scholarly / academic journal, valid / approved website / page. Note: if your AD specifically relates to masculinity, it is Highly encouraged that you use Buchbinder. NO WIKIPEDIA! NO Plagiarism !!!!

 Product ADs are given, compare these, please.