Environmental Justice Issues Involved in Flint Water Crisis Case Research

VCU Environmental Justice Issues Involved in Flint Water Crisis Case Research Paper

Virginia Commonwealth University

Question Description

Write a 4000 to 5000word research paper that analyzes your issue and presents findings based on your research. Your paper MUST pose a research question for investigation. It should also bring evidence to bear on your topic, and using this evidence, you should try to answer your research question.

All papers must include the following elements::

1.. An explicit research question stated in the introductory section of your paper

(PPapers that pose analytical resea rch questions as opposed to descriptive research questions are preferable))..

2.. Sections or headings organized to answer your research question.. Papers should consider the following elements::

A.. Introduction

B.. Background & Literature Review – Theoretical perspec tives (iif appropriate)),, what do we know from previous research and where are the gaps,, how does your paper fit within the larger scholarship

C.. Results,, Discussion and Conclusion (ppossible answers to your question ba sed on your literature review)) and discuss the broader implications of your work (ddiscussion and conclusion))..

D.. You MUST focus on the e nvironmental justice aspects of your case stu dy,, and this should be the main discussion in you r paper .

3.. Citations and Sources (yyou MUST use 10 sour ces at a minimum,, and at least 5 of these must be drawn from peer reviewed journals ).. Use parenthetical citations when writing your paper (aauth or,, year)) and a standard reference list following a common format at the end of your paper.. Cite adequately and appropriately according to AP A or humanities style.. Students are welcome to use other cit ation s tyles,, a s long as you are consistent.. The paper should be typed and proofread carefully..