essay 2-3 pg

Must be original (Turnitin)


First, follow the links to read the articles below; you will need your Saint Leo portal logon information. 
CQ Researcher Report, “Immigration,” 2013 on_2013&type=hitlist& 


“The American Dream?” by: Barbara D. Krasner.; Cobblestone, May/Jun2013, Vol. 34 Issue 5, p. 36, 4p. &AN=87464729&site=ehost-live&scope=site 


Then you will write and submit a 2-3-page essay (double-spaced, 12-point font) in MLA format addressing the following: 


Should there be a legal path to citizenship for the undocumented children of illegal immigrants? Why or why not? If you were charged with proposing a solution to this dilemma, what do you think would be the best and most fair way to address this problem? Be sure to provide a detailed stepby-step proposal. How does your proposal relate to the Saint Leo core values of community and personal development?