Pick six chapters, plus the Introduction Chapter from the book to analyze) 

 THIS IS THE BOOK: Critical Ethnic Studies Editorial Collective. Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader Durham: Duke University Press, 2016

Address The Following Points About the Book 

  • What is the author Thesis statement? 
  • What is the author Research methodology?  
  • What are the major themes of this book? 
  • What are the main topics and ideas in every section?
  • What is the author writing style?
  • Does this book have a clear introduction and conclusion?
  • Did the author provide solid evidences to back up their perspective?
  • Is this book well written? 
  • Does this book meet the goals of the author objectives?
  • What are the weakness and strengths of the book? 
  • How does the book address the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, and gender?
  • How does this book relate to previous articles, you have read on Communities-of-Color 
  • What impact does the book have on the understanding of Communities-of-Color in the United States?
  • How successful do you think the author was in carrying out the overall purpose of the book?

How to write A Response Book Essay (3 pages)  

  • Intro – opening statement, thesis statement 
  • Body of the Essay – Supporting Paragraphs
  • Conclusion – closing argument – your perspective (opinion on the book), good points and weakness of the book.   


  • Clear Opening and Thesis Statement – 25 Points _____
  • Clear Support Paragraphs – 50 points _____
  • Clear Conclusion Statement – 25 points _____

   Total 100 Points _____