Essentials of Biology

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Essentials of Biology, biology homework help

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1. Invasive species are exotic to new areas and growth rapidly.  Give two reasons why an invasive species is able to take advantage of a new area.

2. Concerning population size and population density, explain one way each of the terms differ from each other in relation to their a. importance in predicting competition in a population; b. importance in predicting resource use in an area; and c. relationship with each other

3. In figure 17.4 of chapter 17 READ section, explain the top and bottom graph which compares the age structure of less developed and higher developed countries, specifying the x and y axis.  Give an example of a nation with this type of age structure diagram. What does a high fertility rate tell you about the future of this population?

4. Some ecologists argue that “there is no true form of commensalism.”  Define commensalism and give an example of it in nature.  Do you agree this statement?  Defend your argument

5. Explain the difference between a fundamental niche and a realized niche.

6. How does competitive exclusion result in: a. character displacement and b. extinction?  Describe the pathway that a community takes to lead to each result.

7.  Define aposematic coloration. Give an example of this in nature.