Evaluation Planning Questionnaire

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WORKSHEET 6.1A: Evaluation Planning Questionnaire
1. What questions will your organization’s evaluation activities seek to answer?
The accompanying inquiries will be the principal center in playing out the assessment of the BayCare Medical Group of central Florida and the Tampa area in the surgical program:

· Is the surgical program helping in reducing the number of patients who need a surgical operation?

· Is the surgical fee waiver increasing the number of patients seeking the surgical operation?

· Are the equipment acquired by the facility providing the required services t the patients?

· Is the program offered by the facility helping the poor as formerly planned or it is helping people of all calibers?

2. What are the specific evaluation plans and time frames?
The surgical program will be assessed for its viability a half year after its commencement, with quarterly evaluations from that point. This will incorporate minor and critical surgical operation in the major facilities of the medical group. The new surgical program will be assessed within six weeks of a start. Patients and relatives will be interviewed on a quarterly basis to get the feedback on the impact of the program on the community.

· Observe the patients as they wait for an operation, during the operation, and after the operation to access the level of expectation especially after the operation.

· Conduct a survey to other health facilities in the area of the surgical operation they offer and the level of satisfaction to the patients.

· Interview with the patients who have gone through the program and their relatives their view on the program.

a. What kinds of data will be collected?
During the process of evaluation, the following data will be collected concerning the surgical operation theater.

· The percentage of patients who are taking advantage of the surgical operation waiver.

· The percentage of patients who are enjoying life again catchy of the program

· The percentage of relatives who can say that the program is a financial reliever to them.

b. At what points?
The evaluation process will begin within six weeks of surgical operation implementation with quarterly assessments to monitor effectiveness. Patients and relatives will be interviewed every month to ensure needs are being met. The surgical operation will be conducted on half-year basis to ensure all families, current and future, are included in the evaluation process. The budget will be analyzed quarterly after the first six months of monthly analyzing.
c. Using what strategies or instruments?
· The staff will observe the interaction between the patients before and after the surgical operation to assess the level of expectation.

· The foundation will direct one-on-one individual meetings with the patients and relative figures of the foundation to survey the adequacy of the operation program in respect to high demand for the service in the area.

· The management will work closely with the relevant authorities in the surgical department in the ministry of health in assessing the overall progress of the program.

d. Using what comparison group or baseline, if any?
There be comparison with other private health centers which have similar programs


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WORKSHEET 6.1A: Evaluation Planning Questionnaire (Continued)
3. If you intend to study a sample of participants, how will this sample be constructed?
Due to the administrative of Health Department directions, the assessment of the patients and relatives concerning recuperating forms through the tumor focus will be directed in a summed up to form as to hold fast to the Ministry understanding classification human services laws. The doctors will be requested to finish a straightforward overview concerning patients and relatives who use the institute’s program and nourishment program and how it might influence the recuperating forms without unveiling any individual data.

4. What procedures will you use to determine whether the program was implemented as planned?
The institute will utilize perception, meets, overviews and dissecting techniques to help decide whether the surgical operation was executed as arranged.
5. Who will conduct the evaluation?
The assessment of the surgical operation program will be directed by the proprietor of the foundation with the help of the staff; affirmed gourmet expert, enlisted surgeon furthermore, low maintenance representatives serving patients during the operation.
6. Who will receive the results?
The aftereffects of the assessment will be imparted to the directorate speaking to the institute. Once the assessment has been imparted to the directorate, the institute will at that point share the outcomes with the staff and families being served at the institute.
7. How are you defining success for this program or project?
The achievement of the surgical operation program will be characterized by the positive results experienced by the institute. Positive results will be a decrease in patients and relative who are seeking surgical operation. This will help in the mending procedure of patients and relatives experiencing