Examine Industry Market Leaders In this week’s Books and Resources, the Statista…

Examine Industry Market Leaders

In this week’s Books and Resources, the Statista website lists 36 popular industries with links to descriptions and further information on those industries. In this first assignment, you are tasked with selecting an industry from that list that you believe is the most global of those industries based on criteria provided by Dontigney (2014). Then, support your selection with facts about your industry from the required resources and at least two additional resources of your choice (do not use Wikipedia because it is not considered a scholarly website). In your report, be sure to include the following:






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            Globalization and digitalization has played a major role in the expansion of the E-Commerce industry and at the same time ensuring that customers get their desired products by a click of a button. Technology plays a major role in the growth of the E-Commerce industry as well. The E-Commerce industry is among the highly growing industries in the world.

Global Industry Selection

            The has been an epitome of growth and development in the world. The continued use of internet and technology has facilitated this growth. Statistics depict that E-Commerce is highly used by the world population and it is expected that with the increase in innovation, this industry is likely….


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