EXP 105 Week 4 Discussion

I need help with a Subject Major question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Prepare: Critically read Chapter 4 (attached below) of your textbook. Then, pick one adult in your life you regularly interact with and guess their level of use for each Pattern. If you prefer, give them the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) using the EXP 105 Instructions (attached below) Note: This version is appropriate for individuals ages 16 and up. Also, attached is the Instructor Sample. Please look at the sample to see how to write this discussion.

Reflect: A heightened awareness of the similarities and differences between yourself and others around you is a critical component in the process of becoming an intentional learner. Reflect on how this individual’s Learning Patterns are similar to or different from yours.

Write: In a minimum of 250 words, address the following:

  • For the person you chose, identify the level of use (Use First, Use as Needed, Avoid) for each Learning Pattern and describe how they use it. Specify if you are guessing the level of use or if you gave them the LCI.
  • Remind us of your Learning Patterns by listing the level of use.
  • Provide an example that demonstrates how Learning Patterns led to positive interactions or created friction between you and the person you selected. Applying what you know about Learning Patterns, how do you now view the incident?