Financial Statement Analysis Project: Assessment Goal: Assess the studentsâ?? ability to interpret a

Financial Statement Analysis Project:

Assessment Goal:
Assess the students’ ability to interpret and analyze financial statements, and make a presentation to the boss and colleagues

You graduated Summa Cum Laude with a MS in Accounting and Financial Management from a state university Your role is to be a financial analyst for a large brokerage firm Your boss (professor) asks you to prepare a financial analysis for a retail company Your analysis will be part of a company-wide analysis of the retail business sector in the US You will present your analyses to your boss and colleagues

Steps to Completion:
Selectany US corporation that is listed on the NYSE in the retail sector Click secgov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearchhtml”>Edgarto search for the SEC filings of your chosen retail corporation Download and review the SEC Form 10-K for the most recent year


· Horizontal and vertical financial statement analysis in Excel (using formulas)

· Ratio analysis in Excel (using formulas)


· Audio-enhanced PPT with accurate transcription (or accurate Closed Captioning) presentation for your boss and colleagues

o Include a recommendation to either hold, sell, or buy more stock from the corporation you chose to analyze

Deliverables:submit in appropriate LEO assignment folder

· SEC Form 10-K used for the analysis

o Highlight figures on the Form 10-K that you used in your analyses

· 1 Excel file with 3 tabs:

o Horizontal analysis

o Vertical analysis

o Ratio analysis

§ Note: all computations must be computed via an Excel formula

· Audio-enhanced Power Point presentation with accurate transcription (or accurate Closed Captioning)

· 1 page Word document summarizing your analysis and justification for recommending the company hold, buy, or sell