for john mureithi

Topic 1: Are You at Risk for Dehydration?  150 words

Discuss the following in your initial post:

1.      What fluids do you drink the most? Do you meet your fluid needs?

2.      What factors influence the amount of water you need to ingest?

3.      Is it possible to meet your hydration needs without drinking glasses of water? Explain why or why not.

4.      How does the softness or hardness of water affect its healthfulness?

5.      Why might bottled water actually be more dangerous than tap water?

Topic 2: Diabetes  150 words

Discuss the following in your initial post:

1.      What is diabetes?

2.      What concerns would you have if you were diagnosed? Come up with a list of questions you would ask your doctor relating to your lifestyle in managing this disease.

3.      Identify one food that you would need to decrease in your diet to help you better manage diabetes. Explain why you would need to eat less of that food.

Topic 3: Nutritional Scavenger Hunt 150 words

You are planning to go out to lunch with a coworker and want to find a healthy fast food option. To plan, go to the website of two restaurants — one that you think will provide you with the healthiest meal and the other that will be the unhealthiest. Using the websites chosen, put together one proposed lunch menu from each restaurant.

1.      Create one healthy meal and one unhealthy meal for a total of two lunch menu options.

2.      Include the following nutritional information for the meal:

·         total calories

·         grams of fat

·         saturated fat

·         cholesterol

·         sodium

3.      Discuss how you would convince your coworker to choose the healthier menu. Be sure to include what health benefits would be gained by choosing the healthier meal.

4.      Describe the role of fast food in your everyday life and if you foresee a change after this class of how much, how often, or what foods you choose.

Guidelines for your initial post:

·         The meal plan must be realistic in what is being consumed.

·         You must use two different restaurants.

·         Meal plans can be supersized.

·         Nutritional information can be obtained directly by visiting the restaurant or finding the nutritional information online.