Formation and evolution of the Universe


Co-Requisite: AST 111 Astronomy of the Universe Lab (core requirement only) Textbook: Cosmic Perspective 8th Edition: Bennett et al

Course Topics:

1. Formation and evolution of the Universe

2. Electromagnetic spectrum and observations

3. Formation and evolution of stars and galaxies

4. Forces and particles

5. Miscellaneous Topics

Course Objectives:

1. Learn how observations lead to theoretical models

2. Understand foundation level astrophysical concepts

3. Understand the major forces and structure of the universe

4. Understand the importance of particle interaction

Related UAB QL Core Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret graphical information

2. Demonstrate how to use quantitative evidence as a basis for

1. Reasoning

2. Problem solving

3. Argument

3. Demonstrate how to communicate quantitative information

1. Using numbers

2. Using words