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Due Wednesday April 18th.

You must answer all parts of all questions for complete credit. Write up your answers as the questions are structured below (1a, 1b1, 1b2, 2a and on). Submit your answers on canvas. 40 total possible points.

1. 10 points: In class I described several cultural groups that had changed in terms such as beliefs or practices due to internal or external factors. Find a cultural group that has changed in some way and discuss that change. Submit the following:

a. Identify and describe the cultural group in terms of their name, their major defining characteristics, their territory and their membership.

b. Identify and describe some way that group has changed over time.

c. Discuss that change in terms of whether it was internal or external and then in terms of the specific factors that caused it.

d. Cite (IN ANY FORMAT) sources used.

2. 10 points: Give an example of a word that is new to the English language (made official or used in popular culture within the past 5 years). Define that word and discuss how it is a reflection of what is important in today’s society. Identify how specific events or changing societal conditions lead to the development of that new word. Be sure to site the source of your definition.

a. Identify and define the

b. new word, indicate when it developed or came into common usage.

c. What societal event(s) led to the development of this new word? Think of it in terms of why didn’t it exist before and what happened to lead to it coming into use? Did the word have prior meanings that reflected a different societal condition?

d. Use the word in a sentence and describe the types of scenarios where the use of this word is appropriate.

e. Is this word used by any group in particular or is it used by the public in general?

f. Citation (in any format) of the definition.

3. 10 points: In the video Superheroes: A Never-ending battle, we saw how comic books and the superhero characters in them reflected and helped to recreate aspects of American culture. In the video we saw how American culture changed over time (values, events) and how those changes were reflected in the characters, story lines and styles of the comics. With this in mind, create a new superhero that would appropriately reflect current culture. You can use the current American culture or you can use a different current culture. You must identify and adequately describe the aspects of culture that are reflected in your character. Why might this be the kind of superhero that this culture needs today? What powers would your hero have and why? How do they relate to culture? What values would your hero represent? What kind of enemy would your hero face?

a. What culture are you referencing? Define and describe this culture. Who are they? Where are they?

b. Define and describe your character. What does he/she look like? What superpowers, costumes, backstory, vehicles/weapons and any other relevant characteristics does he/she have?

c. Why might this be the kind of superhero that this culture needs today? What events are happening or what values are you referencing/reflecting in your character?

d. What enemy/enemies might your hero face? What values/events does your villain represent?

4. 10 points: Go to ANY NEWS SOURCE EXCEPT FOR The New York Times (since we used that source on assignment 1) and search the term: Geography. Scroll through and find an article on any topic within these search parameters and read it. What is the article about and what is the significance of or what role does geography play in the discussion of the topic? Submit the following:

a. Title and link to article that you selected.

b. Explain why you selected this article. What was interesting about this to you?

c. Describe the main topic/idea of the article.

d. Discuss the “geography” in this article? What role does geography play in the treatment of the topic? What is the “geography” in this article? What is the significance of geography?

e. Is the role/significance of geography explicit in the article or is it something you had to infer? In other words, is the “geography” easily identifiable or did you have to figure it out?

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