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Anambassador of good will for a country is a member of the ministry of foreignaffairs tasked with the job to portray a good image of the country to theworld. The purpose of this post is to give a good image of the country so thatthe country will enjoy good relationships with other nations and hence attractinvestors to the country. The job will entail travelling most of the time andthe person suitable would be the one with experience in travelling. The personshould also be conversant with several languages since different countries havedifferent languages as their official national languages.


Anambassador of goodwill is a full-time worker of the government who earns asalary and allowances.


Agoodwill ambassador should possess an undergraduate degree in the field ofinternational relations. The person should also be fluent in English and havean extensive knowledge in foreign relationships.

Country’s ambassador of goodwill is where one person is representing his or her country in another country.When certain information about the country is required the ambassador is theone giving out the information about the country. The job of ambassador of goodwill is found under the ministry of foreign affairs.

From an early age, it has beenmy great desire to join the ministry of foreign affairs. From the numerousstories that I have heard from both family and friends, I must admit that thejob under the ministry of foreign affairs is such a job that have been longingfor.  First and foremost is the job thatdelivers good services to the citizens and good relationship with othernations, which makes it my number one choice. The ministry has also a widevariety of departments to choose from which suit my career choice. Moreover,the ministry of foreign affairs  has agood programes which makes the process of achieving my missions simple andfaster. Also, the ministry of foreign affairs has continued to enjoy goodnational rankings when the country it’s own ministries. This is also one mainreason for picking ministry of foreign affairs over the rest jobopportunities.The job of foreign affairs will enable me to establish goodrelationship with other nations and also promote tourist attraction within thecountry. This will place the country in a better position through earning offoreign exchange. Being an employee in such a ministry with such a collectionof history that attracts people from all over the world would be a joyousexperience. This has led to it attracting more people from all walks of life;political and religious affiliations as well as different economic status. Theministry will also enable people to exercise their talents and  potential through participating in country’sactivity such as advertising the country to tourist attraction and promotingnational unity. The ministry have leaders who had the greatest impact inestablishing international relationship with the country. Another main reasonfor selecting  ministry of foreignaffairs is its alumni job placement services.  I am pleased with serviceslike career counseling, job searching and networking assistance offered by theministry of foreign affairs.  I am also awareof the programs which helps in searching for jobs posted within the ministry.The visits that are made by large firms like the American Airlines in searchfor prospective employees also helps in building my confidence with regards tothe ease in securing a job.

I am a second year studenttaking my degree in international relationship, therefore , being an ambassador I will be in good position to exploit myskills and serve my country. I believe that the knowledge that I have acquireis enough for me foster good relationship with other countries. On daily basisI will ensure that my country is in good terms with other nations throughfollowing of current information such as trading activities and tourism. Thiswill enable me to determine whether my country is relating well with othernations.



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Name: Aisha ALSnafy

Date of Birth:   18 june 1992

Marital status: Single

Contact Address: P.O. Box 85

 South Surra, Kuwait

Phone: 0412393419

E-mail Address: Aisha ALSnafy@hotmail.com

Nationality: Kuwait

Language: English, Arabic. (fluently spoken and written)


To integrate theoretical works intopractical knowledge.

To serve in a potential expandingorganization  


Can work under very minimalsupervision 

Team work






ExaminationAnd Grades Obtained


Name of theUniversity






High School

P.O. Box


Maria ALQuptiahigh school



P.O BoxKuwait 

Ateka bentZaid






placeand achievements 

  • Worked in a summer job through alshaya company for6 weeks. It was an interesting job



  • Attended to alwatan academy program for for 4weeks. It was a very good experience for me

  OTHER Qualifications








Volunteered in Kuwait Red Creseant Through Loyac for 10 weeks

 Attended to speed reading program in Australia.


first aid

speed reading


  • Watchingeducational and documetaries
  • Readingmotivational, inspirational book and journals
  • Gettingupdated with the current international news
  • Playingpiano


1.  Samar Tabajah

  Studentadvisor in Kuwait Cultural office

 Canberra, Australia

 Phone no. +61262861166

  Email: Samar@kuwaitCultural.org.au

 2.Saud Alkanadri

  Volnteered in loyac

  Kuwait, Kuwait

  Phone no.+9652243603

  Email: loyac@org

3. Dr. Jamal Almulla

  Kuwait, Kuwait

  Speed reading

  Phone no. +96599032902

  Email: jamal1aa@gmail.com

4. Nasser Alarfaj

employee in alwatan televion and newspaper

Kuwait, Kuwait

Phone no. 8222255






Date5 may 2014

To The Ministry OfForeign Affairs

The Government of Kuwait

P.O. Box Private Bag

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Application For aJob as the Country’s Ambassador of Goodwill

Iam writing to apply for a job as the country’s ambassador of goodwill. I am asecond year student in the university in Melbourne and have met people fromdifferent countries. Enclosed are my testimonials, my complete job applicationand my resume complete with three references and their phone numbers.

  The prospect of working with you gives me so much joy asyou are the best ministry in the country and I would like to be associated withsuccessful people. I am a diligent worker who strives for the best in whateverI do. A chance to work with you will be highly treasured.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely Aisha

Signature Aisha S.

Questionsfor the interview

  1. Thefirst question will be the language proficiency test. This willincorporate grammar and spelling test. The test will also comprise ofpronunciation.
  2. Whatare the tasks connected to foreign affairs that you have started on yourown? Have you done any projects related to this job?
  3. Doyou have any experience in the job?
  4. Howdo you manage your time? How do you handle pressure?
  5. Whatare your future plans.

Importance of thequestions

The languageproficiency test is important as the description of the work will involvedealing with various nationalities. The important language here will be theEnglish language because it is the universal language used all over the world.The knowledge of other languages such as French, German, Spanish and even Arabwill be an added advantage.

The projects that thestudent has started on their own are very important because it shows dedicationto the job that is being offered. The more the projects the higher thededication. This will also help in the question of experience amassed in thefield. The job entails meeting different people with different personalities,the capacity to handle pressure is very vital. The question will help determineif the respondent will be able to handle the different characters, they willmeet. Time factor in the ministry is a very importantissue because there is alot of travelling. The ministry needs to go forward with regard to policies.Hiring a person with ambitious and attainable plans for the future will helpthe ministry a lot.


  1. MyEnglish is good since I have studied in Australia for a long period. Ialso have an added advantage since I am fluent in Arabic and English.
  2. Iam in a group of international students and currently hold a position asmy papers will prove. This position enabled me to start various projectsincluding improving international relation between students from warringnations.
  3. Ihave been n intern in the ministry of foreign affairs in Kuwait workingwith various important figures in the ministry.
  4. Ihave done a course in psychology that helps me understand people and dealwith them accordingly. I also am a diligent timekeeper. I was the firstone to reach the interview.
  5. Myplans are to develop a network of goodwill ambassadors in all countries ofthe world so that they may sell our country to other nations. This willenable us attract investors therefore, improving our economy.

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