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  1. Whatabout General Motors?

In late 2008 and early 2009,nearly unfathomable problems and challenges were emerging from a crucible oftechnology, marketing strategy, and politics. The future of the once supremeAmerican automobile industry was poised on the brink of bankruptcy as theypleaded their case for bridge loans before a deeply divided Congress.Bankruptcy would have devastating rippling effects from the halls of Congressto the end of the American Dream. Is the die cast, or is it time for newmanagement? The choices now are congressional oversight or private leadership.Which will you choose? What about General Motors? Let’s start with their finalexam the proposed restructuring placed before Congress and–ever so much moreimportantly–the American people.

  • Automobilesoften exhibit deep-seeded emotive qualities without quantitativedimensions. Set aside your psychological emoticons and professionallyassess the GM plan using Exhibit 1.2 as a template. What is thisplan—Corporate Strategy? Business Strategy? Marketing Strategy? Explainyour initial impression.
  • UsingExhibit 1.6, assess the GM proposal. Which orientation was it (product ormarketing orientation? In your opinion, which orientation should haveguided their planning? Explain your reasoning.
  • Eventhough the situation seemed dire, especially for the American automobileindustry, and possibly still does, many believe there is a significantopportunity for the right strategy. Did the plan suggest a compellinganalysis of the “4Cs.”? If you disagree, what’s missing?

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