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CommunityOriented Policing was initially established in 1994 as a result of the passingenactment of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (DOJ, 2014). This passingenactment made resources available to law enforcement agencies across thecountry by providing the lawful funding for resource acquiring. For example,COPS will fund and/or provide grant for certain occupational functions such asfinancing for the purchasing of new equipment and/or developing communityoriented policing programs. Police Community relations is the cordiallydeveloped relationship between law enforcement agencies and the partnership ofactive communities in which crime prevention is the primary function (Prono,2013, overview). A primary example of such effective partnerships can beformidably linked to community watch programs.

How do police-community relationsinteract or associate with community-oriented policing?

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The primary function of police communityrelations is to increase the partnership understandings by strengtheningrelations between law enforcement and their patrolling communities. This isaccomplished by developing trust within their communities in which thefostering of Community Oriented Policing functions is able to be solidifiedwhile thriving while producing a safe environment for law enforcement andcommunity participants.

How did the philosophical or theoreticalchanges happen over time? 

  Mentioned through history andcredited with the development of community programs involving neighborparticipant is the legacy in which Sir Robert Peel devise, implemented, andsolidified as a fundamental practice in reducing criminal activities. Thetheoretical approach has change over time as a result of changing levels andcriminal severities in which new tools and programs would be needed to combatcurrent criminal acts while considering the future impacts. The philosophy wasthe new equipment and directional programs must be implemented with thepartnership of their surrounding communities.

Is this were you would put this , According to Oliver (2008) Although there is a strongdemand for a centralized police force within Peel’s Principles, there is alsothe demand for community relations, something largely missing throughout mostof policing’s history (p.5)


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