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MaximizingCommunity Involvement

In reviewing “Community Involvement: The Ultimate Force Multiplier,” thoroughlydiscuss and explain three areas where community involvement hasbeen identified as the key to the success of the department or agency. In youropinion, what is the key component in securing the desired level of commitmentfrom the community? Why?  

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Thecommunity must be allowed to share power with the police, be alloweddecision-making capabilities under all three of the components, and effectivelylead the police.”(Oliver 2008)

Communitymembers under the community policing have been given the role of being the eyesand ears of the community, forming patrols, and confronting criminal anddisorderly individuals.

Theneighborhood watch program is an example of where the community has stepped into help the police. With the community looking out for its own so to speakthere has been a reduction in crime because there has been more prying eyes inthe areas. With all the good that this program has done there have also beenthe few individuals who have overstepped their boundaries.

What is akey component in securing the desired level of commitment from the community? Iwould have to say giving the community a voice. The reason I feel that this isimportant is because I feel a community would know what type of programs wouldbe the most effective in certain neighborhoods. If the citizens feel that theirvoice is not being heard then they are less likely to participate in programsthat can be beneficial for everyone.

 Anotherimportant factor is creating counsels or boars where the community can electmembers to represent them and meet with the police to discuss what methods arecurrently being utilized and whether or not they are working and what methodsthey might try next.


Oliver, W.(2008). Community-orientedpolicing: A systematic approach to policing (4th ed.). Upper SaddleRiver,  NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 13: 978-0-13-158987-2

Just tell the bad and good of post list references thanks

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