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GP 336 Grantham Human Rights National & International Responsibility Annotated project

GP 336

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Question Description


After reviewing your instructor’s feedback on the week 1 assignment, you will select one question that you want to research for your final project. That question needs to be converted into a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is not a question, but it is a brief one sentence description of what you want to prove to or convince your reader of in your research paper. It is a clear statement of what you are arguing in your paper. It describes what you want your research to accomplish. Your instructor will give you feedback and help you refine your research question into a thesis statement.

You will then begin to research this thesis. You must turn in an annotated bibliography of 10 sources relevant to their research topic.

Specific questions or items to address:

Write the one research question you have selected (from your week 1 assignment) for your final paper.

Write the selected question as a thesis statement (not as a question). Hint: What is it you are wanting your research to prove to the reader?

For each annotated bibliography entry you must:

Review each of the articles you found and summarize them based on the following criteria:Your review should include all ten articles. You should provide a 100-150 word paragraph for each source addressing the each of the four key ideas in your summary. Each article should also include a reference citation in APA format. For additional information about APA format please see:

  • The name of the author and article,
  • The purpose of the article,
  • The problem addressed,
  • The results of the article.

Criteria: 2 to 3 pages.Questions have been attached, Question 3 has been selected for the project.