Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Enzyme Reactions

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Enzyme Reactions Lab Report

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College

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A) Like last week, I want you to read through the Lab Activities and imagine that you are doing the labs. I will provide the data you will need to do the lab exercise and fill in the Skills Sheet and Lab report. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cool virtual lab, like last weeks with the beakers and dialysis tubes…. But I was given this link below: Maye it will help you in “visualizing” the lab……

B) Lab detail to Note: For our experiment we have substituted the normal substrate cellobiose for a color changing substrate p-nitrophenyl glucopyranoside (PNG). When our enzyme hydrolyzes this substate and when a reactant (our STOP solution) is added the products of the reaction turn YELLOW. So, we can monitor the reaction by the production of yellow color. THE MORE YELLOW PRODUCED THE MORE REACTION TOOK PLACE. In other words, this is a color assay for enzyme activity.

C) Print out the Skill Check Worksheet Exercise 9: ENZYMES and, with it next to you, NOW you are ready to start the rest of the lab activities for this week Exercise 9:Intoroduction to Enzyme Reactions.

5. Fill out the Skill Check Worksheet Exercise 9: ENZYMES for your lab report. (Enzyme Skill Check with data)

the instructor has also attatched hints to the lab. dont copy everything from it but it will help.