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Harvard Medical School Drug Trafficking & Drug Related Corruption in Mexico Paper

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This is a very important task

5 Pages, APA or MLA format

Before starting the work you need to come up with a clear thesis which the professor will approve. Use the two sources I provided together with 4 additional sources


The question of my research is “Mexico needs a strategy to reduce the level of violence, not to weaken drug smuggling, because not having sufficient capacity to resist drug traffickers will only increase violence.”. Please write a five-page article around this argument The paper needs to satisfy all the questions in the document “ How to write a compelling prospectus”. ” because not having sufficient capacity to resist drug traffickers will only increase violence“it is my draft idea,But the teacher’s evaluation is the reason for this idea is extensive

A prospectus for your paper describes, in at least five pages, the stakes of your paper’s topic, your research question and preliminary thesis, some of the support you have for your thesis, and the significance of your thesis relative to the existing literature.

Please discuss with me what topics you are interested in, and those sources that need to be used (jstor is a convenient website for finding sources) Please provide a little time or two for us to discuss why you wrote this article, (reference materials, ideas)

Length: Five pages; not including works cited page (if needed).

Citations: Use an accepted academic citation method (APA, Chicago, MLA).

Sources: At least four scholarly sources. These should be cited in the text; you should include citations for important claims, regardless of where in the paper they are. For example, if you write “Neoliberalism is an ideology that believes in the power of markets to alleviate poverty” in your introduction, you will want to cite that claim.

References to be used :

Reference 1: Morris, Stephen D. “Corruption, Drug Trafficking, and Violence in Mexico.” The Brown Journal of World Affairs, vol. 18, no. 2, 2012, pp. 29–43., www.jstor.org/stable/24590861. Accessed 13 Aug. 2020.

Reference 2 : “A Panorama of the Defense of Human Rights in Mexico.” Peace Brigades International, 23 Apr. 2013, pbi-mexico.org/fileadmin/user_files/projects/mexico/files/PBI_Publications/A_Panorama_of_the_Defense_of_Human_Rights_in_Mexico__April_2013.pdf.

These are two sources you need to use, and you need to provide four additional sources. According to the requirements, this paper needs at least four sources to complete this paper.