Health Informatics and Information Management

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Health Informatics and Information Management



Health Information Exchange – Patient Consent


*Focus on CONSENT for Use and Exchange of Health Information


Assignment Requirements Weight
Identifies authorization and consent management in alignment with HIPAA, federal requirements (e.g. 42 CFR, part 2), and the Minnesota (MN) local state statute.

*Make sure to include all statutory citations identified.


5 pts

Identify any other specific types of consent values which need to be considered for consent management (e.g. 42 CFR part 2 and others specific to the state of Minnesota (MN) such as HIV, STD and genetic testing). 5 pts
Define required components for authorization versus consent for health information exchange purposes. 5 pts


Consider ethical considerations for use and disclosure of any information held within the HIE and define the accountability of each contributing organization to access, use and disclose 5 pts
Submission is in POLICY format, exhibits college-level writing, is professionally correct, and is submitted on time. 3pt
Adheres to APA formatting including a cover page, proper in-text citations, as well as a reference page. 2pt