Heart disease prevention

HS 158 San Jose State University Health Communication Channel Analysis Paper

San Jose State University

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1. After researching various health communication channels (e.g., posters, brochures, videos, events, etc.), select three channels that you can use to address one health issue/behavior targeting an intended audience that you are interested in. The health issue/behavior should be different from your group project health issue/behavior.

2. Give two clear examples of the advantages (2 each) and the disadvantages (2 each) for each of the three channels selected. This assignment asks for you to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the channel you have selected (e.g., events, posters, brochures, etc.). You will not be speaking to the advantages and disadvantages of the real-world example that you have found.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Three communication channels selected that fit the health behavior/issue and target audience. (1 point each channel 3 points in total)
  • At least two Advantages of each channel (1.25 points for each Advantage) 2.5 points total for each channel selected
  • At least two Disadvantages of each channel (1.25 points for each Disadvantage) 2.5 points total for each channel selected
  • Writing mechanics (2 points): solid academic writing following the format of following example (be sure to include titles and section subheadings).
  • Total 20 points possible.

Health Communication Channel Analysis Example

Health topic: Heart disease prevention

Target audience: Women between the ages of 40 and 60

Channel #1: Event

Advantages: Events can be used to reach large or small audiences. They can be organized around the health message directly, or the message can be integrated into an event that focuses on another topic entirely. A fashion show can send messages about a health topic to an audience that is interested in the event because of fashion, not necessarily health. A big event can draw a lot of mass media attention and cause buzz on social media, which extends the reach and impact of the channel.

Disadvantages: Events can be expensive to produce and may need many co-sponsors. Events such as a fashion show need strong outreach and publicity to make sure they are well-attended high cost. The event needs to strategically match the performers/personalities, activities, and message; for example, a fashion show featuring younger women as models might not appeal to the age range of our target audience.