his 1102 paper 1



This essay assignment is a primary source analysis on the Progressive Movement. Please refer to the Primary Sources found on your Learning Activities page.

In your essay on the Progressive Movement, you are required to read the primary sources on the Learning Activities page.  The textbook and online materials provide helpful background information for the essay.  

Your essay needs a brief introduction and critical analysis in comprehensive paragraphs with a minimum of 300 words.  It should be based on your primary source reading and it needs to demonstrate your analysis of the documents.  Three or more specific in-text source citations are needed.  

Please consider the following questions when you write the essay:

· How do you explain the problems associated with American cities of the late Nineteenth Century? 

· How did Progressives like Jane Addams and Upton Sinclair respond to the problems and offer different solutions to the urban problems?

· How did Jane Addams argue for the Settlement House movement and why?

· What was the intention of Upton Sinclair in writing to the President? To what extend was he persuasive?

· How did reporter and social reformer Jacob A. Riis describe the tenements of New York in his book, How the Other Half Lives?

· What was the objective of Riis in writing How the Other Half Lives?

Discussion 2

Based on your reading of Chapter 15 in the textbook, the primary source documents, and the online lessons, please share your views on ONE of the discussion topics. 

1. What were the major differences of the Reconstruction plans offered by President Johnson and the Congress?  Why were they different?

2. How do you evaluate the significance of the Reconstruction laws, particularly the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution?

Please note that you need to write in separate paragraphs with a minimum of 250 words to your primary post.  Be sure to base your posting on concrete examples, specific details, and quotes from the text and documents.

Minimum 250 words