History 1111


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Answer both questions:

1. Compare and contrast the Roman Empire with the Mongol Empire. There are many areas to discuss, including but not limited to, time periods, geography, military capabilities and techniques, weapons used, size and stability of empires, religions and their impacts, relations with subjugated peoples, their invasions of Persia, their long term impacts on the world, and many more.


2. Compare and contrast the institutions and effects in the 1300s and 1400s of the Renaissance and the development of science in what we call The West with what was happening in related areas in the rest of the world, including specifically the Islamic world, Africa, and the countries of the Far East.

Or: We know and appreciate the rise of the West in the modern world. What happened in the pre-modern Europe that influenced its later progress and relative influence in the world? And what was happening, or not happening, in Asia and Africa during the same time that resulted in the relative loss of power and influence?

Extra Question – on a new page: What was the one thing that most interested you about this class? And, what would you add or take away from this course to make it more interesting to you personally?